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XNA Contest

Posted 03 February 2011 - 08:39 AM

I made an announcement a while back about a contest for the XNA community on this site and worked with SixOfEleven privately to try and get this off the ground, but due to scheduling conflicts and a few other small issues, we've been forced to put it on hold for now.

Instead of the contest that we were planning, which was going to have prizes, I've decided to go ahead and do a few smaller contests throughout the next few months to create small games. These contests will not have prizes other than bragging rights, but will be designed in a way to get you guys coding and possibly pushing yourselves into new territory when it comes to the XNA framework. Each of these contests will be announced 1 week prior to their start date and allow for 2 weeks of development. At the end of those two weeks, I will be judging each submission and declaring first, second and third place winners. The criteria that I will be judging on is functionality moreso than art. Not all of us are artists and I understand that. I'm much more interested in seeing something that works the way it is supposed to work rather than something that looks nice, but has tons of bugs. If all you can do for art for the game is grab png's off of google image searches, that's perfectly fine with me and I will not take points off for that, after all these contests will be programming contests not art contests.

I will grade each submission on a 50 point scale. 10 points per category.

The categories that will be judged are as follows:
Use of object oriented design principles. <- Use classes and please do not have all of your code in one file.

Does the code build without warnings/errors? <- VS tells you what is wrong and you should all have the basic debugging skills to fix your issues before you submit the game.

Does the game meet the minimum requirements set at the start of each contest? <- I will set requirements for each game at the announcement of the contests. If I require a pause feature, and you do not add it to the game, points will be taken off.

Fun factor. <- Every game needs to be fun in order to get people to want to play it. If a game isn't fun then nobody is going to want to play it.

Extra features that were not required, but were used to improve the game. <- This is used just as a bonus for people who want to go above and beyond and decide to add some neat features that I didn't require.

These categories are just a checklist for me to go through on each submission and set some guidelines. If you submit a game that builds and runs, but contains a few warning during the build process, then I will subtract points for it. If your entire codebase is in the Game1 class, I will subtract points. I will also require each submission to include the entire solution zipped up either in a .zip or .rar format. I'm going to start by giving myself one week for judging, but if I finish early, then I will immediately announce the winners and begin planning the next contest, and if I get too many submissions to handle in just one week, I reserve the right to extend this period as I see fit.

I will start simple, and each contest will require slightly more advanced topics, and I'm thinking of even doing a wildcard contest where I give the participants free reign over the type of game they submit.

The timeline for each of these contests will be similar to this. I announce the contest, give everyone 1 week to gather resources and work through the pre-production phase of development. We will then have 2 weeks to develop a game that at the very least meets the requirements of being considered a game. At the end of those 2 weeks, all submissions will be due, and I will begin the 1 week judging phase.

I will announce winners when I have completed the judging phases and if I have time, I will add some constructive critiques to not only the code itself, but the functionality of the game.

Stay tuned for an announcement coming within the next couple of days for the first contest, and get ready to code til your fingers bleed!

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Re: XNA Contest

Posted 03 February 2011 - 09:02 AM

Awesome! Thanks Kilorn and SixOfEleven for stepping up and doing this.

I'm going to try really hard to submit something for these contests.
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Re: XNA Contest

Posted 03 February 2011 - 06:16 PM

Me too, I'm looking forward to this.
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