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ESP SDK (simulation of real-world objects & aviation)

Posted 03 March 2011 - 11:54 AM


I came across this as well today, and never knew it existed.


ESP SDK Overview

The Microsoft® ESP™ SDK is the core component of the ESP product. ESP is a set of tools that enables simulation of real-world objects. The primary focus of this first release is aviation, and the primary scenario is training, although other scenarios such as decision support are also envisaged.

The primary tool, ESP.exe, is a flight simulator, and this SDK can be used to create add-on components for it. These components can be new models, such as aircraft, instruments, ground vehicles, boats, buildings and other structures. They can be new visuals, such as new or replacement scenery, terrain, and special effects. New missions -- structured flights such as tutorials and tests of skill and knowledge -- can also be created and made available through the user interface of ESP. ESP is fundamentally data driven; there is no limit to the amount of new data, models, or missions that can be added.

Wow.. just wow. I mean a SDK that is for flight sims? Terrain and scenery generators?! My god this could be a great launching point for games and hooking it into XNA! Take a look and give some feed back.

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