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Game Engine Project

Posted 14 March 2011 - 11:28 PM

Hello, we are looking for other game programmers that are looking to make a nice portfolio piece, while possibly having a chance at money.
The Idea is to be building a directx 11/OpenGL 4.1 game engine, use next gen features but at first building a simple game.
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Re: Game Engine Project

Posted 17 March 2011 - 01:53 AM

Team name:
None so far

Project name:
None so far
Brief description:
This project is a few weeks old, and we will be building a next gen game engine using both Directx 11 and OpenGL 4.1. currently we will be starting off small building possibly a 3d pong like game, and then advancing to a simple First person shooting level. these are both after we just get a simple render out of course. also we will most likely be using Lua for a scripting language, but we would love to develop our own .

Target aim:
To commercially make a game from this engine and to sell it(the game is mainly for publicity).

all programmers(depending on work involved) will receive an equal share of profits made from this project.

Graphics: Directx 11, and OpenGL 4.1Physics: Bullet Physics.Interface: wxWidgets.Sound: OpenAL(unless other is suggested).More to come, when further in development.

Talent needed:
Programmers and programmers only right now...Audio- a good understanding of the OpenAL api is a plus, but is not required.
Physics- Bullet Physics is almost defiantly what we are using so, understandings of the api is a plus.
Directx 11- Must understand some form of graphics programming with directx!
OpenGL 4.1- Must understand some form of graphics programming with OpenGL in 3d!
Not Needed Yet but an XNA Programmer for ports to xbox would be a nice addition to the engine.

Team structure:
Me(Bryan Monsalvatge)- Project Lead/Manager, Directx 11 Programmer.Marc Costa- OpenGL 4.1 Programmer.Levi Graham- Engine Tools Creator.Nick Maxwell- Engine Tools/Physics.

Under Construction
Email: [email protected]: Rockinoutt93MSN: [email protected]

Previous Work by Team:
Currently we have all done other projects, though none have seem to finish, this will be a first for all of us

Additional Info:
The Goal here is to create a powerful, and visually stunning game engine which will be used for later project, as well as other teams projects. We are realists though and will be starting small as too just getting something on screen, maybe a render of our terrain generation... then eventually build a game such as pong. and gradually keep moving forward.

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