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Free File Comparison Tool from Devart is Improved in Performance!

Posted 28 March 2011 - 09:23 AM

Free File Comparison Tool from Devart is Improved in Performance and Quality!

Devart released the new version of free file comparison tool with better comparison algorithm and improved performance.

Devart has recently released CodeCompare, v2.60 the powerful file and folder comparison tool.

CodeCompare takes specificity of programming languages into account that makes significant advantage in source code comparing. Solution is distributed as a Visual Studio add-in and as a standalone application.

Current version of free file comparison tool CodeCompare 2.60 provides the following new improvements:

- Due to optimization of file processing you can edit and navigate through big files really faster.
- CodeCompare delivers new comparison algorithm allowing you to compare files faster and better.
- Now you can set up the options to skip empty lines during comparison and skip comments in compared files.
- CodeCompare 2.60 provides the opportunity to select the layout convenient for you side-by-side (vertical) or one above the other (horizontal).
- In this version of CodeCompare a dialog for equal files was added. Now you will receive the message about equality of files immediately without content review.
- You can choose one of four modern CodeCompare skins according to your preferences.
- The close buttons were added to the document tabs.

In addition to improvements of free file comparison tool, CodeCompare Pro provides more new advancements:
- CodeCompare Pro finds the approximately equal strings that makes possible to obtain the more accurate comparison results.
- Enhanced Structure comparison algorithm maps the lines between code elements (regions, empty strings, comments) more convenient for review.

Pricing and Availability
CodeCompare is an absolutely free tool, but nevertheless you can receive full support.
CodeCompare is available for immediate download at http://www.devart.co.../download.html.

Code Compare is a free software, that solves most of the tasks referred to the source comparing. It includes a 30-day free trial of CodeCompare Pro.
Price of Code Compare Pro is $49.95.

Users are welcome to write any comments and suggestions about CodeCompare on its support page http://www.devart.co...e/support.html.

About Devart
Devart is a software development company with 11 years of experience on the software market and over 20 thousands of devoted users.
We specialize in providing comprehensive development and management tools as well as native connectivity solutions for the most popular databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, and SQLite.
For additional information about Devart, visit www.devart.com/company/.

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