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Posted 30 March 2011 - 06:02 AM

Hi and welcome to the Dream.In.Code (DIC for short) Coldfusion forum. We're here to consider and discuss any topic relating to CFML from opinions about the various CFML engines to the CF jobs market to requests for help with code you just can't get to work. This post is dedicated to the folks who find their way here as new visitors to the site looking for assistance with a particular CF code issue they're having.

While this forum does indeed have a wealth of varied and experienced CF devs who CAN help you with your code issue we have a few rules that will help to ensure that we WILL help you with your code issue.

  • Be specific about the code issue you've encountered. More detail is always better than less.
  • Describe what YOU'VE done to try and solve the issue. We require to see some effort has been made to figure it out for yourself. People who show up with a brief description and a "gimme the code" request pretty much can expect to be ignored.
  • Post your broken code with the supplied {CODE} tags so we can see what you've done.Posted Image We cannot offer specific solutions to code issues without seeing the code.

We're happy to help other CF devs who follow the above rules regardless of whether you're an experienced CF guru or someone who just picked it up yesterday. All the folks who answer questions here volunteer their time to do so. The only thing we ask is that you respect our forum posting rules above and abide by them so that you don't waste our time and yours.

Again, welcome to D.I.C. and happy foruming!

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