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Observation when looking at the help forum...

Posted 10 April 2011 - 08:42 PM

I've slowly noticed that some people just aren't meant to be programmers. I've seen a few questions asked by some people that should not be asked. Also, it really pisses me off when some people are not willing to actually THINK or even try to figure out their problems on their own. I understand I have to ask for help sometimes, as does everyone, but I do try. I saw one just a few minutes ago who asked a question, and users threw every tutorial and answer they could think of at him, and he learned absolutely nothing, and continued to complain, even though the answers were right in front of him. Like, common sense in front of him, such as you don't redeclare variables and such, especially one after another. It just makes me lose my faith in humanity a little. People, especially programmers, should be open to help, should be flexible in their thoughts, and especially, above all else, should be willing to actually think and try to solve problems, even if that way is unconventional to what he/she already knows. Anyways, I felt like rambling a little, sorry. Hope I don't get penalized for it...

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Re: Observation when looking at the help forum...

Posted 10 April 2011 - 08:47 PM

Yes, I remember a guy just like that. He complained because he couldn't get his hands on some copypasta code.
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Re: Observation when looking at the help forum...

Posted 11 April 2011 - 05:15 AM

As I said in another post where someone got upset with me for not just handing out lots of finished code to resolve someone's issue and felt I was disrespectful to the newbie:

tlhIn`toq said:

There are many different kinds of posters on DIC.

By far the majority of newbies are people asking for code that solves their needs/homework. It doesn't seem to matter to these people that DIC has posted all over the place "We won't do you homework" and "You need to provide your good faith effort to code a solution to your problem." These people have already demonstrated with their first post a complete disrespect for the site rules and by extension the people on the site. They have also demonstrated their view of the volunteers here as being their personal code generation servants. Since these people have already insulted everyone on DIC with their arrogance it is not surprising that I or anyone else respond in the same manner in which they started their topic.

Next come the people that aren't exactly looking for a complete code dump of the solution. These are the people that are just too lazy to google and experiment or too lazy to learn before trying. They just start typing and *think* they know what a function should do based on nothing more than the name of the function. Then when it doesn't work as expected they declare it broken and ask for help to get around the *problem*, without every trying to look it up on MSDN or crack open a book. This doesn't disrespect the site, but it does disrespect the volunteers by reducing them to the OP's research slaves. Again, it's not unreasonable to expect a volunteer to respond with a tone of "I'm not your goggle-bot. Try looking it up and following the example."

Next comes the rare person who has made an effort. This highly prized newbie is working through a book or on-line tutorial... get's stuck {usually on something poorly documented}... takes it upon themselves to research... does their own trial and error... But still can't get an answer so they are left with having to ask for help. In my book these are the only type of people that will every amount to anything in the coding world (but that is personal opinion). This rare third type of newbie is someone that we all like to see, want to see more of, and we do our best to give as much attention and patience as we can muster. Can I get a 'Hell ya!' ?

It should also be considered that being frank and honest with someone is not the same as being rude. Just because a volunteer doesn't blow rainbows and sunshine up someone's skirt doesn't mean they are rude. Honestly advising a student they lack any amount of understanding on a topic, and they need to seek out the teacher or tutor is not rude. It is frank honesty, aimed at convincing them to seek help so they don't become further lost and waste more time and money while loosing out on an education.

As frank as I have been with a lot of newbies, I don't think you could find an instance where even *I* have called someone stupid. Lazy perhaps. But it is not in my nature to call someone stupid. I know I have suggested (more than once even) that someone might not be equipped for programming as a profession. Some people might think that rude. That may not be what someone wants to hear. But it could be what they *need* to hear. Some people really don't have what it takes. I would not be a good airline pilot or food server: I'd kill someone by the end of a day at food service. Some people are not equipped to be cops, or air traffic tower controllers. Should those people receive nothing but encouraging but polite lies? I think not. At some time all people have to grow up and accept frank honesty and a realistic self-image of their capabilities.

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