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How to get a graduate job in software engineering ?

Posted 13 April 2011 - 03:37 PM

Hi guys,

Ive been coding for some time now and ive developed many applications in C++, vb.net, MFC, silverlight and Java. So im coming to the end of my degree (Software Engineering) of course and i decided to apply for a few graduate roles in Software development.

I have attended 3 technical tests - Passed 2 (first only as a little crazy and i flopped) but the 2 i passed seen me through to the interview stage. So i thought i had a pretty good chance since i aced there exams.

1st Interview:
44 questions split between development , experience and team management
1hr 45min interview. I came out thinking YES YES YES im a sure thing to get that job.
Wasnt i wrong!!

I get the call. . . .
Employer: I am sorry to imform you Mr Deery but you have been unsucessful for the role of Graduate Software Engineer.
Me: I asked for feedback of course.
Employer: Its wasnt anything in pertictular, a PHD Graduate had a bit more experience, on any other day we would have employed you. This year our budget only allows us to take on one graduate unlike the 4 in previous years.

My dreams were shattered lol

2nd interview
More determined than ever this time.

Seconds within getting there im presented with very technical information regarding a set top box. 6 pages of utter crap that ive never seen before.

Employer: You have 10min to read that and write down the BENIFITS, WEAKNESSES, OPPERTUNITIES & THREATS.

i though OMG, but i dug deep and went for it.
What can i say, it was over my head. After presenting them with my finding i was asked how would i hack there set top box.

The interview was a flop from the get go. I walked out of that feeling like an idiot and im sure they must have thought the same.

My question is
How does a iprepare for a Software Engineering Job?

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