Javascript Injections?

how to make variables initiate before popping up

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Javascript Injections?

Posted 12 January 2007 - 07:01 AM

Good morning or evening everyone,

First off I shall explain my situation so that things wont be so confusing when trying help guide me in the right direction.

I am a tactical network specialist for the USMC... which basically means I am a Networking tech. However, recently I have been more interested in servers lately and been figuring them out and have moved up to websites and how to learn how individuals would try to hack into it... so therefore I can protect against it.

I understand the basics of Javascript injections... such as to view hidden cookies...

how ever when I have my site based off of my server which is an internal network... And I attempt to use javascript injections... I am unable to figure out how to make it so my coding for my functioncheck () will pop up as an alert with all the variables initiated.. because my login wont work without it.. obviously... well heres my code... very simple for now... until i learn about encryption and decryption.

function checkpass()
	 string="llama llama duck!";

I have been researching this topic on as many sites as I can... however there are very few....

has helped me out alot...

but not with this... its taught me the coding...but nothing else..

Well, hopefully I have provided enough sufficient information on my situation.

Thank you in advance and even if you arent able to help... Thank you for at least reading this post.


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Re: Javascript Injections?

Posted 12 January 2007 - 01:16 PM

to use javascript injection to view a variable's value, it is simply:
java script:alert(a)
for your a value in this case.

To change it's value before carrying on, all you have to do is:
java script:alert(a="W")
in some values creating the alert will not set the value so use:
java script:void(a="W")

If you want to view the new result in one line you can link multiple injections together:
java script:void(a="W");alert(a)
Note how the javascript keyword is only needed once.

*THERE is no space in the word javascript, but the inline tags keep putting it there anyway.
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