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.obj file rendering problem.

Posted 25 April 2011 - 02:26 PM

Hi, I'm currently working on a OBJ loader for my opengl programs and have got it so it reads all the data in to the following structure:

The problem I'm having is actually rendering the data to screen, within ObjectData stores another vector for the Faces of the object and within that is a int array of size 3 elements to store the indices of the 3 vertices of the face along with the other data a obj file face has ( texcoords and normals ). When trying to render this to screen the points are positioned correctly but the triangles don't join together in the right order.

Edit: Problem has been resolved, The problem was that I was referencing 1 element further when calling the render function as i was not taking the use of arrays into account. Will upload the whole thing once I've finished it.


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