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Software Development Engineers Needed for X3 Terran Conflict

Posted 28 April 2011 - 11:04 AM

Hello Everyone,

New to the Forum, just wated to introduce myself and gather your thoughts and interest on my project! So here it is:

X3 Terran Conflict is an Existing game from a Company called Egosoft @ www.egosoft.com; X-Universe, They have an Community forum in addition to the Site, where one can see all the games that they have designed, as well as brought to print over the years. The most Current Is X3 Terren Conflict. I am looking to put together a team for ongoing Projects concerning this game as well as other projects I have on the table, I am wrestling with Developing my own game or adding to Egosofts, existing game, based on the concept I have written bellow; so check-it-out!!!

Please Read what I wrote below, just to let you all know; I have several projects, but this will be the first, as I put together a team to get started on each project, also when I originally wrote what you are about to read, I was on the www.egosoft.com website game forum. Got a lot of insight from the players and fans, of X3 Terran Conflict, some of it good, some of it bad. Nevertheless; this will be the starting project that puts my team together, so I can see what each Engineer is capable of, also The game was designed to be modded, the developers have stated this several times in their forums, throughout the entire X genre.

This is the intro to the mods, or the short story line giving the reason behind the creation of these mods, once again I was on the www.egosoft.con, so I was writing this as if the news transmission during in-game play would speak to each player, as they would be docked at a Space Station, so I guess you can say I was in character; writing this, so dont laugh (smile!) Enjoy!!!, but keep in mind, websites will need to be built as we construct these actual game mods, to be displayed on the sites we build with very nice ajax and flash elements; each in full sofware platform format which will work in conjunction with the existing game engine, during in-game play.

Supposedly The very first tribes of man outside the Garden of Eden:

Sa Tribe
Wa Tribe

Also Check Out:


The Nuwaubu Tribes are part of the latter Ancient Tribes, The offspring of the daughters in these tribes migrated amongst the stars as well

The Niribu:

Are considered to be ancient alien beings who were one of many first encounters for the earth constellations, which were said to be entirely occupied, on all nine planets and beyond; extending to the 19 known Earth Galaxies, with communications and connections to planets extending to all, and greater.

The Niribu Race had such an advanced technology for ancient times, stumbling across our earth solar system in search of resources in a huge ship, in which their guidance systems began to malfunction once they entered our earth galaxy-there ship was to large to steer manually or in autopilot, according to recorded reports; they began to bump into planets, such as Saturn, mars, as well as earth. Causing global chaos. Mars was said to be inhabited at the time, and this is the reason for is current condition to this date.

The Nephilim:

Gen-6: The Sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and took them each as wives, and bore them children. There were giants in those days, and also afterwards.

Several Hundred Thousand years have passed, and many have asked; how long did this go on, well, it has not stopped, according to the Books of Enoch, This fallen; also known by some as watchers, who became fearful of their actions, and began to mix their DNA with all sorts of life forms on earth, especially human women. This began when the earth was young, and the origins of man had not exceeded not more than 7 generations past the Earth Man; Adam. This would mean some of the sons of Adam, had become truly corrupted. Even other humans outside the garden had begun to take part in what elders and some believers, would consider to this day, an abomination.

Additional Information:

Yazurra (X Universe Reference to Year) 2610 AD)., It has been said that the Nephilim races, are spread about various Universes, including that which is unbeknown, to the X Universe. Some are still proud of their unholy heritage, being called by many, direct descendants of Shatan, others disagreed even in the days of old, when they reached the age of reason, and it was made known to them who and what they were spawn, for. These are also the reasons many parts of the heavens are a place of refuge for many of the various offspring of the Nephilim. They are the Nephilim offspring of Earth Humans and Fallen Angelic Beings; which some were sorrowful of their very own birth. And by choice they remain secluded among the stars. Make no mistake about these creatures, this Nephilim race; they are very powerful beings, after all they are cross breeds of Fallen Angels and Humans, Fallen Angels and many different kinds of Insects, Birds, Fish, Land Animals, Plants, Micro Lifeforms and many others.

Further Information:

Those that agreed with the path in which they were bred to follow; proceeded to mix their seed as instructed by forces in which none seem to believe exist or understand. Others that detested the atrocities, that would and have stemed from their own existence, built space vessels, and left earth long before The Great Flood. They are considered Mythical by many in the X Universe, but others swear by their existence. Especially some Gonar. As it is with the high councils amongst the Catholic Earth order, so it is the same among the High Council of The Gonar order. No Investigations, and to quiet anyone who speaks the word, Nephilim.

Additional Information Related to This Transmission:

There are Stories of a man named Hhaus Bramani, Once a 5 star General in the Argonian Elite Special Forces. Was awarded several badges of honor, and has now retired and Is the Rightful and True Owner of Ujama Enterprises, Bramani Motor Corporation, and Nivirita Productions, Inc. Ujama Enterprises is a Universal Supplier of Advanced Complex Weaponry, and Software, as well as War Machines. Bramani Motor Corporation Builds the Universes most sought after Exotic Automobilia, and Nivirita Productions, Inc., is a Universal Supplier of High Level Performance Computers, and Software, Especially On board Ship Computers. For Some of the most wanted ships in the 17 known Universes, but some say this mans Companies supplies to that of Universes, that are Unknown, as well.

General Hhaus Bramani, is a reclusive, and said to be Very Dangerous. It has been said that he is not even true Argonian. And that he left the Universal Earth Territories when the AGI Wars began. It is also said that he has Intergalactic Photos and Documents Proving the Existence of said, Nephilim Races.

Ujama Enterprises

- 3D Interplanetary Galaxy Map

The Galaxy Map Interface will contain all of whats in the original game map, but will have additional features, such as 3D scenes of sectors when one mouses over each sector, and in stopping your mouse over a chosen secter, one will see a 3D View of that sector, as the same actions will allow the viewing of different universes; also one will be able to use the arrow keys or their mouse on the 3D scenery of the sector map for better observations of each map view; this will assist in better routing and planning in regards to trade routes or even plans for attacks, once a person makes a decision to click on that sector, well; or Universe then Secter.

- 3D Universal Ship Trader Interface

The Universal Ship Trader Interface will be also in full 3D, allowing for the player to make better choices in ship classes, with the ability to now see each ship in X in its entirety (Live in Real Time 3D), along with full Specifications, Technical Information, and Overview of each Ships abilities, as well as Weapons Compatibilities, and Weapons Systems Choices to allow for Massive Load-outs, being that one will now be able to pimp their ship of choice, so to speak! When new ships become available, they will automatically be added to this interface as long as one has the program loaded. It will also be fully compatible with game editors and ship editors. The Interface itself will be fully customizable to suit ones needs, especially those who desire and make use of multiple monitors, as well as, the latest game to the X3 Genre; Superbox, as well as X-Rebirth ...

- 3D In Game Communications Interface

The In Game Communications Interface will also be a full 3D Communications Interface with a built in browser for ease of access to thewww.egosoft.com; forum, as well as any other online needs, or just to jump on the web while the game is still running to gather info, or research, as well as chat and get updates from friends and colleagues. Or show a live space battle with an embedded player. Its main purpose will be for better visualization and comms between in game humans as well as alien contacts. Especially for any future online game play! One can communicate with alies with ease, but enemies as well as unknowns in the sector, will be optional weather player wants to open a line of communication or not. This will all be made possible by completley enhancing the comm during in-game play with this interface once it is complete.

- 3D Tactical Combat Interface

The Tactical Combat Interface will be to plan and strategically coordinate battles, all out wars, sneak attacks, etc. With a full 3D view, one can now better coordinate their battles against their enemies. Pirate players will love this. Traders will also see the value in this, because this interface will allow them better defense against Pirates. All in All this interface gives the player complete control over their Ship, Fleet, etc. In Full Real Time 3D In-Game View.

Ujama Enterprises

- New Ships; Retrieving Information, Please Wait!

* 144 Total M0 Class Battle Carrier Motherships!

M0 Mothership classes are usually 3 to 5 times larger than your already huge Capital ships - Able to Carry Very Heavy Fighter Class Ships as well As Troops and Supplies, etc. These will be true Planet and Space Station Destroyers. If a player can manage to form an Armada of these Intergalactic Beasts, They will have the ability to take out multiple Sectors in their entirety. Just one of This ship type will be able to disable an entire system or render it useless.

Weapons Capability: (Choice of one or both)

- Full Range Tachyon Beams or Canons
- Full Range Dark Energy Beams or Canons
- Full Range Dark Matter Beams or Canons

Like the Medusa Weapons Systems, These M0 Class Motherships will Use an Highly Advanced Weapons System Called the Mayflower. The Mayflower Weapons System Will use Omni Directional Firing Array Patterns. These M0 Class Motherships will only be able to be used and operated with the above interfaces. You will need all interfaces to properly control and make full use of these class of ship and its cargo.

If one chooses to purchase the Mayflower Weapons System, along with the above new weapons; one will be able to combine and use all weapons in X3TC, combined, interchanged, or even in multiples.

* 91 Total Heavy Fighter Class Ships, Retrieving More Information ... Please Wait!

Heavy Fighter Information Received:

- Smart Missiles
- Lightning Bolt Missiles
- Systems Disruptor Neutron Beams or Canons
- Disintegration Beams or Canons

- 3D Character Generation Interface Information Received

: Offered Only Through Nivirita Productions, Inc.
: Also Owned and Operated By Gen. Hhaus Bramani

The Character Generation Interface will allow one to custom build characters for X, one will be able to choose his/her favorite Race and customize the look and dress of each character. One will also be able to spawn an entire race or mixed group, military, very important people beings aboard a space station, and or planet. Currently the game does not have any of the things I am proposing but can be done. The Character Generation Interface will help each player keep track of his role playing character, group, team, organization, Corporation, Tribe, Nation, Entire Planet, etc.

- 3D InterGalactic Space Station Interface Information Received

: Offered Only Through Nivirita Productions Inc.
: Again Owned and Operated By Gen. Hhaus Bramani

The Interplanetary or Space Station Interface will allow for Vessels of all types full ability to land on all planets, as well as build Modular Space Stations and Modular Buildings On The Planets; Depending on size, and Race Relations, as well as authorized clearance for some requirements by Planet Authorities. So the same will be for certain Space Stations, as well as certain Planets. Nevertheless, one will be able to exit their ships, and move about by a motor vehicle or atop a custom designed huge Modular structure. Yet and still the player will have the ability to exit their ship and walk, run, move around, as well as build and interact with other beings. The main purpose of the Interplanetary Space Station will be for players to keep track and observe their Planet and Space Station activity.

Important Note:


- 3D Interplanetary Galaxy Map
- 3D Universal Ship Trader Interface
- 3D In Game Communications Interface
- 3D Tactical Combat Interface
- 3D Character Generation Interface
- 3D Interplanetary or Space Station

All 6 of these Modules have to be run together, for full in-game functionallity; otherwise running one at a time will result in limited in-game functionallity of interface of choice; in use. Players can accumulate them one by one, as well as set them up one by one in any order in which one chooses to purchase them (In-Game Purchase; not with real money). But again; they all have to be fully installed together to achieve full functionallity of all 6 mod interfaces working in conjunction with the Existing game engine.

I will need a team of:

- Web Engineers to develop the interworkings of the software Engineers work
of the interfaces for in-game play; to be displayed in real time video play-outs online
on the website, as examples of how each interface works.

- 3D Architectual Engineers to build Modular Building, Associated Parts, Structures, Realitive Object Oriented Additions, etc., to be used for in-game Modular Assembly, as parts, if not all at once; would be collected by each player, to allow for in-game Modular Assembly of Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Buldings; as well as Roads, Roadways, Ground and Air Traffic Control Hovering Devices. Each Players Role Played Being, will Need to have very advanced futuristic Handheld devices that allow them to Build Structures of their choosing on the fly, with these Hand Held Device. A HUD for each device obtained by each player during in-game play, will apear onscreen for full viewing, as well as integrated interactive mouse-click-triggered Keypad, for added since of realistic gameplay.

- 3D Development Engineers will be needed for all the necessary in-game 3D
Modeling that will be necessary on all levels, in accordance to the detailed layed out
plans of this project.

- Audio Engineers will be needed to Score the Audio, working with the Video
Engineers, As well as the 3D Modeling Engineers and Programming Engineers, in
regards to Quality High Definition Sound, Effects, etc., for putting together all the 3D
Movement that will take place for these interface (s) mod additions to the existing

- Video Engineers will be needed to Construct all Video Playback, working with
everyone as needed; for each in-game Mod Examples, as to how effective they will
work for each player; during actual in-game play.

- Programming Engineers will work on completion of each mod, to finalize each
mod, before they are displayed on the online continuously maintained website, In
full motion Graphics Video Playback; online, as to making sure in-game play and
online website display will benifit each player to download and use one or all mods;
for in game use.

If anyone is interested, please tell me the proper way for us to contact each other with respect to forum rules[/B], I will also need to see functional preliminaries of the above as soon as possible!

In order to familiarize your self with game, one needs to go to ther local Walmart or Best Buy and purchase a copy of this game called: X3 Terran Conflict, or you can go directly online, and buy it at Amazon, etc., and make sure to have Amazon, send you an actual CD In the mail.

You can also youtube; X3 Terran Conflict Mods !!!; X3 Superbox Mods !!!!, as well as; X Rebirth!!!!!

Very Important Note: Purchasing Streamed copies of the game from companies like Steam, Digital River, etc, as well as, streamed download managers, from sites that require you to attain the game through using their Online download managers, or worse; requiring you to download their download manager on to your computer first, is a mistake; its Highly NOT Recommended, as you are downloading spyware, adware and GOD Only knows what esle into your computer, so be sure to demand the game via US Mail or Fed-Ex-UPS, or even from your local Walmart or Best Buy, as I stated earlier, if you dont like waiting, most sites that still honor the mail system, have some sort of free shipping incentives; anyway. You will have serious problems in Modding this game; as well as, testing the existing mods on the www.egosoft.com forum under, Scripts and Mods section. Why? Because the CD version of the game gives you full access to the existing mods in the online forum, as well as the; in-game script editor, in-game galaxy editor-you will need true access to these game bonuses, as we work on this project.

It is also a good idea to purchase a 1 1/2 terrabyte to 2 terrabyte external drive and load the game by itself on that external drive. Why? For several reasons, (1) You all will be using a lot of Oracle software to stablize and develop mods for this game (Almost all of Oracle Software has a very heavy footprint, especially when extrcted and put into use!!!!), along with your preferred software; another reason is, (2) you will save alot of space on your main; C:\ drive, while we perform on this project, as well as others in the future, (3) The biggest reason is its safer; If something happens to the central area of your system, and you are forced to rebuild your Operating System that requires that main Drive (C:\), You will already have all your work automatically saved / backed-up live on the external Drive, and will be waiting for you when you return (This is a definate consideration for Windows users). So it is strongly recommended when and everytime we start new projects, to make this small investment, and in doing this now you can go between files, and move entire external drive contents around, other external drives as needed, when having and owning additional external drives.

The Backgrounds in the game are dead, The Planets, Stars, Nebulas, Space itself, etc., All Dead!!!, They from what I understand Are just there for show, as well As; Still Asteroids, As We All Know, Space Is Consatantly Moving; with all sorts of Random Events, Consistantly taking place. Lets Wake Everything Up, and make it All LIVE!!!! LIVE Active Backgrounds In Everything!!!!!

We will need to be very creative, and show realistic atmospheric changes, as well as various weather patterns, when one is flying through such an endless immersive environment such as Space, Also we will need to show realistic Atmospheric changes in entering, as well as rentering; Planets and Space!!!

Please Also Note:

Nivirita Productions, Inc.

Is the blanket Corporation, Controlling all assets for:

- Ujama Enterprises

- Bramani Motor Corporation

More Details as requested, From Nivirita Productions Inc


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