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Best language choice based project.. suggestions?

Posted 03 May 2011 - 01:40 PM

Hey guys, Well as my bio might say I'm somewhat new to the programming world. Currently taking Java, C++, and VB.net classes.
So far I know the basics of each of these languages. Some more than others. Although i was forced to drop my c++ class due to schedule conflicts and not being able to study and keep up with this class based on the fact that I also work full time.

If anyone would help me out and suggest which route i should take on a project that a friend wants me to do for him. By route i mean What would be the best language to use on the project I'll be explaining in this post.

From the language what would be help with:
1. Structure (main concern)
2. Maintainability
3. Efficiency
4. Flexibility (in The future be able to use with other data)
5. Most important of all - that i would be able to program it.
6. And any additional suggestions.

// The Project
A friend of mine asked me to create a program that would be able to create a character sheet for his rpg games.
*** yes like D&D
Specifically for a certain RPG game. (Requiem something..)
It should be:
*** able to create random stats, attributes, Factions... etc...
*** and perhaps be able to print it out.

// My design and thoughts...
I started with VB and made a design which was quite long. Then i started to notice that this was going to be more complicated than I thought it would be. Sounds like a nice Challenge. I started thinking well, is VB the correct language to use for this project. Sure the design sounds easy enough. Then I thought more.

Well i think i might need a random number generator.
Also I need a way to store multiple strings and have each of those assigned to a numerical value which then i would be able to recall depending on which number i generate.
And of course the number generator would have different limits based on what attribute or stat I'm trying to generate.
(ex. 5 choices for health stat while stamina has only 8different choices so the generator would have 0 to 4 for health and 0 to 7 for health.)
So that might require Arrays, but i have not been taught so much about arrays yet.
So, at this point I'm still not sure if there is some better way to do any of this or if there is something better than arrays to handle something like this.

Also I haven't given it much thought about the actual look of the application.

I don't mind learning new things to get this project going, so if you guys have any suggestions as to what I should read up on based on the language you suggest.

As far as i know. I may have bitten more than i could chew, but i could not pass on a good learning experience like this.
I tried my best to describe what the project is and what my concerns are, but sometimes I'm not so clear. so if any questions please ask. sometimes my mind thinks more than i can type.

Thanks for your time,

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Re: Best language choice based project.. suggestions?

Posted 03 May 2011 - 02:02 PM

Well, the Best language is whatever you can program it with. Sure, some languages are made specifically for certain tasks, but there are a lot of languages which can be used for most things. That said, trying to find a best langauge normally leads to people ranting.

To keep this on topic I will just say this:
For a task like you are descripting I wouldn't use any of the above (C++, VB.net, or Java), but instead (based on what I get from your post you just need to be able to generate character sheets to be printed) I would use HTML and Javascript (where HTML would be responsible for the layout of the character sheet and Javascript would be used for the stat generation - then CSS would come in handy if you needed to style things, or to help with the layout).

Here is the reason I would use HTML: All web browsers already display it (all you are responsible for is the markup and stat generation - other people have already done all the difficult work for you). It isn't restricted to one computer or operating system (any computer with a web browser will be able to use it). Printing is easy (File->print). And it is quick, customizable, and easy.

Now, to contrast, if you needed to save the character sheets and be able to use them real-time to keep track of player health and inventories I would go with something more robust because you would want it to be capable of running the logistics for a gaming session (keeping track of party health, inventory, conditions, etc.) And while that could be done in HTML again saving would take more work (you would either need a server or a more modern browser and then you couldn't clear the cache as that would delete all the data).

Hopefully that makes sense.
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Re: Best language choice based project.. suggestions?

Posted 03 May 2011 - 02:03 PM

If you have basic understanding of C++, Java VB, why not pick language you are most comfortable with? This question has been asked many times before.
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Re: Best language choice based project.. suggestions?

Posted 03 May 2011 - 07:05 PM

Ah. Thanks BetaWar, i had not thought of using html. although i don't know javascript, but its possible to learn.

thanks you guys for the input.
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