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Posted 11 May 2011 - 12:35 PM

This tutorial will show you how to make an symbol graphic follow a custom path that you draw!

Create your symbol, make sure it's a graphic and add it into your library.
Posted Image

Create a new layer and name it "Object" and insert your symbol-graphic on the first frame.

Right click frame 40 and click "Insert Frame", then right click the same frame and click "Create Motion Tween"

Now here comes the fun part!

Choose the pencil tool from your toolbox, and change the mode to "Smooth" and draw a line in the direction that you want your symbol to move.
Posted Image

Now, select your line using the Selection Tool by double clicking it. Once it is selected, press Ctrl+X, your line should disappear.

After that is done, go to your 40th frame with your "Object" layer selected and move your image anywhere using the Selection Tool.

An orange line should appear, once it does, press Ctrl+V and the line you drew before will appear.
Posted Image

Now, unselect your layer and test your flash, if done correctly, your symbol will fly around the path you made via the pencil tool.

Congratulations you've done it! :D

I had to do this for a homework assignment and I got fairly confused with it, and I figured other people would as well.

Check out my end result:

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