Text-Based game coder needed.

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Text-Based game coder needed.

Posted 24 January 2007 - 08:42 PM


I'm in search of someone who knows what they're doing, as I have no clue. I know about quite a few things in detail, but sadly coding/programming isn't one of them.

Here's what I'm looking to accomplish:

-A text based game based upon a virtual stock market.
-Will need a random "stock price" generator to raise/lower the value on a consistent schedule.
-A set up to utilize joining "firms" so players may group together in their own little gangs
-An in-game mail/message system.
-A donator system.
-An admin panel with game control
-Username/password support
-in-game bank
-etc etc

If someone knows how to get these types of things done, we can figure out the details. I'm more than willing to make a deal once we figure out a plan and payment. If not anything else, I'd love for someone to run it with me, that knows how to do the coding portion. We'll get donations in once the game takes off, and they would be split.

Rather than ramble on, I'll just leave it at that for now. If you're interested, please shoot me an email: [email protected]

Thanks bunches!

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