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Problem in submit form after loading it with Ajax

Posted 20 May 2011 - 07:21 AM

My code is getting a part of HTML form (select type)
but when ever I try to submit the form I've perviously recived it doesnt get the
dropdown list value...
why can't I get the dropdown list value?

this is what im doing when im trying to "catch" the POST:
PHP Code:
if (isset($_POST['cat'.$arr['id']]))
    $cat = secure($_POST['cat'.$arr['id']]);
    if ($cat !== "")
        mysql_query("INSERT INTO jobinfo (user_id,content, cat_id, catlist_id) VALUES ('".$uid."','','".$arr['id']."','".$cat."')");

this is my code on the main PHP file:
PHP Code:
echo '<div id="result'.$arr['id'].'">';
echo '<select name="cat'.$arr['id'].'" id = "cat'.$arr['id'].'" style="width:180px;">';
echo '<option value="">- '.$arr['category'].' -</option>';
$select_cat = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM searchcatslist WHERE cat_id='".$arr['id']."'");
while ( $arr_cat = mysql_fetch_array($select_cat) )
    echo '<option value="'.$arr_cat['id'].'">'.$arr_cat['category'].'</option>';
echo '</select>';
echo '</div>';
if ($arr['sortby'] > 0)
    echo '<script>
    $("#cat'.$arr['sortby'].'").live("click", function(event){            
    $("#cat'.$arr['sortby'].'").change(function () {
    var values = $("#cat'.$arr['sortby'].'").val();
echo '$.post("ajax_dlists.php", { id: values, count: "'.$arr['tafpos'].'", multiple: "not" },';
echo 'function(data){
$( "#result'.$arr['id'].'" ).html(data);

The ajax_dlists.php (this is the dropdown list I load):
PHP Code:
$sel = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM searchcats WHERE tafpos='".$count."'");
        if ( $arr = mysql_fetch_array($sel) )
            if ($multiple == "not")
                echo '<select id="cat'.$arr['id'].'" name="cat'.$arr['id'].'" style="width:180px; float: left;">';
                echo '<select id="cat'.$arr['id'].'" name="cat'.$arr['id'].'" style="width:150px; float: left;">';
            echo '<option value="">- '.$arr['category'].' -</option>';
            $query = "SELECT * FROM searchcatslist WHERE sortby = '".$id."' OR ( sortby = '0' AND cat_id='".$arr['id']."' )";
            $result = mysql_query($query);
            while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
                echo '<option value="'.$row['id'].'">'.$row['category'].'</option>';
            echo '</select>';

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Replies To: Problem in submit form after loading it with Ajax

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Re: Problem in submit form after loading it with Ajax

Posted 20 May 2011 - 08:21 AM


If I am understanding you correctly you are trying to make your select dropdown populate dynamically via AJAX using $.post.

One thing I see is your ajax_dlists.php file references a $arr variable that does not seem to be present in the script, or at least not shown in the code you provided, that could cause problems.

I suggest that if you haven't already install a web dev tool like FireBug and use the console to see what is being sent and returned during AJAX calls.

I also highly suggest you look into code separation. In your files you are echoing out html,CSS,and Javascript this can make your code extremely hard to read, maintain, and debug.
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