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How to install Coldfusion 9 with IIS 6

Posted 22 May 2011 - 12:57 PM


I have a trouble in installing ColdFusion 9 on Window 2003 server where IIS 6 is running.
2 other sites which were written in PHP are running on the same server.
And, I want to install ColdFusion and make my site written in ColdFusion run sharing this IIS 6.
When I tried to open CFIDE/Administrator/index.cfm after installation, it never opened. Yes, something is definitely wrong, but I don't know where.
I put the web-pages into D:\myroot\mysite.
What did I wrong during the installation?
Any advices would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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Re: How to install Coldfusion 9 with IIS 6

Posted 23 May 2011 - 06:04 AM

There's all kinds of things you could have done wrong. That said, my local admin login for CF9 is "CFIDE/administrator/enter.cfm" and not index.cfm

Try that and see what you get. Also, try it using something other than IE. IE has a tendency to intercept IIS error code messages and replace them with some generic crap that doesn't tell you anything about the error.
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Re: How to install Coldfusion 9 with IIS 6

Posted 23 May 2011 - 05:44 PM

By default when you install ColdFusion on IIS, it only sets the /cfide virtual directory on the Default Site. I am assuming you are going to http://yourwebsite/c.../administrator. Instead try going to http://server/cfide/administrator where server is the name of the serveror the IP of the server.

Optionally you can setup a virtual directory on your site for the cfide directory. To do so, go to your site on IIS and right click on it and click create a new virtual directory. Call the virtual directory /cfide and point it to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\cfide (the default directory for cfide).
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