Flash - 21 pages on 3

Instead of doing 21 pages do 3 with text import. How?

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Flash - 21 pages on 3

Post icon  Posted 01 February 2007 - 03:06 AM

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Hello Folks!

First of all...
I'm not expecting a complete solution but some help in right direction.
I'm currently doing a simple page in flash (well it is not so simple since i don't know how)

What i want to do is following:
Page 1. Language Choice
On page nr 1 u will have 3 options
Swedish, English, Polish

Page 2. Menu
This page will contain 6 options
which are in previously chosen language.
The menu options are to be stored in text files
which are imported to flash and made to "text"links
//Or should i store them in access databse?

Page 3. Menu Choice
Here a text will be loaded and displayed.
The text file is to be loaded based upon what language u chosed(Page 1)
and what menu options u chosed on page 2.

Plz help me. What should i do what should i read? Where should i start looking for a solution?

Thanks for help i can get.....

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Re: Flash - 21 pages on 3

Posted 16 February 2007 - 11:06 AM

Easiest way would be to have three seperate flash files with each having the content you need, and have them load into a main Flash file.

You could then create a menu in the main file which switches between pages.

After the person has selected their language, the choice is saved in a variable in the main file, then the second page opens up, reads the variable containing the language data, and displays the appropriate content... and this process continues for the rest of the pages.
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