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Monitor for Programming and Playing Xbox 360

Posted 04 June 2011 - 01:17 PM

First off I'm sorry if this the wrong forum. Basically I want to buy a 1920 x 1080 monitor that I can connect both my Xbox 360 and PC to simultaneously and switch between the two. Ideally I'd want the monitor to have at least one VGA, DVI, HDMI video input and one 3.5mm audio output. I would use the DVI for my PC, and either use the HDMI or VGA to connect to the Xbox 360.

Which brings me onto my first question: for 1080p output (I understand the Xbox 360 will up-scale its 720p native output to 1080p,) will the HDMI offer a better image to the VGA? Or vice-versa?

Also if I use the HDMI socket, is it a matter of simply plugging my PC speakers directly into the screen for when I'm playing my Xbox 360, then plug it into my motherboard for when I'm using my PC? Or will I need to use some sort of special converters/adaptors as I would with the VGA?

Finally I've been looking at some monitors, although I have little experience with the brands so I would appreciate your input on them. (If you're using a PC monitor for your Xbox, I'd love to hear about it.)

Benq V2220 21.5 LCD
LG W2246S-BF TFT LCD 21.5"
Philips Brilliance C-line 226C2SB

Just to add, the HDMI socket isn't 100% necessary, I only really want one for the sake of "future-proofing", oh and I'm sorry about the length of this post. :)

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Re: Monitor for Programming and Playing Xbox 360

Posted 07 June 2011 - 08:00 PM

I'm not sure about the resolutions via the VGA and such but I have a flat screen TV and I just hook my Xbox 360 up to it and via the composite cables and then I hook my computer up via VGA and I have no problems. I just put the TV on Video when I want to play games and I put it on PC when I want to work.

It'd be the same thing for HDMI. Set up your 360 to the TV via the HDMI and your computer via the DVI. If the TV doesn't have DVI then you can get a DVI to VGA converter for just a few bucks.

Just make sure you buy a TV that can get the resolution you want!

Hope this helps.
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