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Definitive guide to setting up Debian and Rails

Posted 05 June 2011 - 04:17 PM

Hey, I just finished a blog series where I setup a production environment for a Ruby on Rails app all the way from scratch! I figure this might help others (and hopefully get more people to become active in this forum).

Here's the overview of what needs to be done:
1) Install the OS
2) Install the webserver
3) Install the database server
4) Install Ruby and Gem (via rvm) and rails
5) Install the rubyserver and configure it to work with the webserver (Thin)
6) Configure MySql to work with a rails app
7) Profit

Here's the reading material:
- Install Debian (very light notes)
- Install the webserver with PHP and MySql

- Installing Rails/Gem/Rvm/etc...
- Testing Out Rails!
- Configuring the webserver to work with rails
- Configuring MySql to work with rails

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