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Comic Video - Six Years of Assistance in Database Development!

Posted 15 June 2011 - 02:48 AM

dbForge Studio for MySQL introduces the new standard of quality for MySQL development and administration tools.

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Devart Team worked very hard during six years to create really comprehensive and powerful MySQL admin tool that provides a complete set of instruments for server management and administration.
dbForge Studio for MySQL, v. 5.0 was designed to integrate all tools in a single package. And the most remarkable thing about this release is that nearly all novelties were suggested by users of this MySQL admin tool.

Take a look at this comic video that takes you back to April 12, 2005 and shows how difficult and interesting this process was.

http://youtu.be/fvcGYh0MN98 :genius:

Earlier dbForge Studio for MySQL was known as MyDeveloper Studio. But on August 01, 2008 the tool was renamed to dbForge Studio. It was the third version of this application.

When you open the application to get acquainted with the new version, you will be surely stunned and pleasantly surprised by its new look. When you start using it, hopefully, you will be thrilled by the inner improvements and make the best use of them:

* Dependencies List
* Full support for MySQL server 5.5
* Master-Detail Browser
* Enhanced Data Editor
* Improved Security Manager
* Data Export and Import improvements
* Object Viewer - a simple way to view object's details

These new features are just a part of all improvements made in dbForge Studio for MySQL. You can find all of them at the product page: www.mysql-studio.com

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