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Internship Interview

Posted 18 June 2011 - 11:49 AM

So, I recently applied at a company for a Software Support Engineer I position and they called me back and gave me a phone interview for a developer internship (not the position I had applied for). Now I have mostly worked with C and C++ in school and this company is a perl shop. The interviewer sent me a challenge to complete in perl and having never even seen perl before, I studied up on it and after about 3 days I had a working program that I felt was pretty good. Apparently they thought it was good enough and are having me come in for an interview next week. I was curious if anyone has gone through an interview for an internship and could let me know what to expect. What kind of questions will they be asking? The HR rep I am working with alluded to a few problems the hiring managers may be asking me to solve. What should I be researching before this interview? I'm a little unprepared to interview for a position programming in perl so any direction would be appreciated!

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Re: Internship Interview

Posted 20 June 2011 - 11:00 AM

I haven't had too much experience with internship interviews but my understanding is that interviewers are more interested that you understand the SDLC and the different processes associated with software development rather than being able to produce immediately. If I were you I'd have my understanding of Perl syntax as high as it could be, then be ready for some basic programming interview questions as often described by sites such as DIC. One guy I interviewed with told me that he judges on two criteria: smart and get things done. They judge your intelligence first off your GPA, then by your thinking process and understanding of software development. I think the get things done portion generally describes your work ethic and level of motivation in securing that particular job. One test he performed for this was to ask if I had visited the company website. Hope that helps and good luck with the interview!
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