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Making an Online Compiler (Project Help)

Posted 09 July 2011 - 05:17 AM

I want help in deciding the architecture , which technologies I should use and how my approach should be for the project.
I am Computer Engg student making my final year project. I want to create and online IDE for compiling Java or C++ code.
So there will be a user who will write a code in the browser and save it on the server and then I can gives a command to compile it. The server will compile to code and return the result or errors to the User. So the basic idea is the user can write code from anywhere and from any machine. I don't want to create a compile just a interface which will act between the client and server.
Later in the stage possible I can add more languages if possible, so it should be flexible.

Project: Creating a basic Online IDE for Java and C++ and user management
Duration : Around 5 months
Experience :Basic C++ , Good enough Java and php, HTML, Javascript, CSS, starting learning python.
Team : Consist of 3 people

What I have thought is using python language for the backend to take input code from the client via a website and the pass it to the server where a compiler resides.
Can anyone tell me what I need to learn more and what can I use for the server to compile the Java and C++ code.

Thanx for the help guys.
This is my first post. Feel free to move this thread to other sub forum if its in wrong section.

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