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development environment help

Posted 12 July 2011 - 07:36 AM

i was thinking of redoing the set up for my home dev. enviro. here is my thought:

i would like to take my most powerful machine and load server 2008 on it along with all my IDE's and languages(vs2010,adobe,ts web editor,php, etc...) then take my not so good machines along with any machine i have access to and connect to the server to do any programming/development.

i already have one server i use for a few websites but im basically curious if my good machine would serve me better as a server vs a computer
i already use remote desktop and connect to it very often to do programming that is not supported at my school and to work on my websites i do the same with my server just not as often
for my actual plan i was thinking of stetting up my dev server as a fake web server and a simple website that would function basically like a start menu so i could set down at any computer type in a web address and it connects to my dev server pulls the list of icons and file names for any program i specify displays them on the website and opens the actual program in the frame of the browser so that when i compile of update anything the work will still be done on my machine so i never need a powerful laptop of desk computer again for development and focus my resources on the two servers.
if this question is in the wrong forum let me know i could not find a topic that seemed to fit

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