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The Basic Guide to MSDN

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Posted 25 July 2011 - 12:20 PM

The Basic Guide to MSDN

Let's use the following MSDN: String Class

All of the pages of MSDN have the following sections. (Note the sections can be collapsed.)

  • A brief description of about the class
  • Inheritance Hierarchy
    This tells you what the class inherits.

  • Syntax
    Some technical information on traits of the class.
    <SerializableAttribute> _
    <ComVisibleAttribute(True)> _
    Public NotInheritable Class String _
    	Implements IComparable, ICloneable, IConvertible, IComparable(Of String),  _
    	IEnumerable(Of Char), IEnumerable, IEquatable(Of String)

  • Constructors
    This you all of the possible overloads that can be used when the class is initialised (New-ed up)

  • Properties
    The properties of the class object.

  • Methods
    Functions and Subroutines to class exposes.
    Often it links to pages describing how to use that particular method.

  • Opereators
    This are the "arithmetical symbols" the class exposes.

  • Extension Methods
    A bit like Methods, but are defined separate from the class.

  • Explicit Interface Implementations
    What Interface the class implements.

  • Remarks
    Comments about using in the class.
    - Things to watch for or be aware of.
    - Often includes usage examples.

  • Version
    What version of the frameworks is the this about.

  • Platform
    What OS can this be used on.

  • Thread Safety
    What issues (if any) if you try to use on multiple threads

  • See Also
    Things you may what to also look up.

  • Change History
    What has changed in the documentation

  • Community Content
    User comments.

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Posted 25 July 2011 - 02:21 PM

Added to the C# Resource Thread.
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