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[link] UI - What Web Designers Can Learn From Video Games

Posted 27 July 2011 - 07:29 AM


Wow I read this through twice - it draws parallels between video game interfaces and web interfaces. What's alike, what is different, and how the positives of a video game interface can be translated into a web design. I love this angle!


This raises the question, what can a Web designer learn from games, or — more specifically — video games?

Good game interfaces have to be highly usable and intuitive, capable of handling a lot of repetitive actions in the fewest clicks possible. They need to be attractive and engaging. They need to be likeable. A good game interface adds to and enhances the user’s experience. In a game, people want the content delivered to them in a way that doesn’t break the fantasy. Any dissonance with the interface will cause an otherwise great game to fail.

In the same way, website users want their content delivered to them in a way that is easy to understand, intuitive and engaging and that doesn’t require a lot of scrolling or clicking. In fact, Web designers can learn a lot from video game interfaces. Websites that use common game interface tools can streamline the user experience while adding a lot of personality. This can result in higher traffic and a higher rate of repeat visits — and sales… Cha-ching!

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