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Visual Studio: Lightswitch.

Posted 28 July 2011 - 11:48 AM


Data and screens = business application. From what I can tell it is a lot like Reporting Service's Report Builder. In theory you are a business (non It) person and you need to make or see data yesterday. IT is too busy with something called "EVE:Online" or the interns are too snarky. As usual - no help. You trundle off to the store of choice (or buy online) and snag Lightswitch. It's a super wizard (Harry Potter?) that starts off asking about VB or C#. Mashing the pretty blue option you tell it where the data is or if you are making new data. A few columns later (just like Access!) you are asked about the view of your data. Then you save it and have an application. You have no idea why IT takes so long for coding something similar.

I guess it's better than having ancient Excel queries and word macros running around, but really Microsoft? Thank you for the extra work, but no thank you!

I am afraid I mention it out loud at work Marketing or some jackass department will go off and dive head first into the concrete only to bitch loud enough to flip all the work back to us.

Any thoughts, or am I being old-jaded-developer again?

Video here:

'Creating first business application'.

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