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Ripping DOS game graphics

Posted 30 July 2011 - 02:10 AM

My plan is to remake a old DOS game which is now Abandon-ware as a little game using Canvas but i have hit a big brick wall that is getting the graphics out of the game.
It's only like a 16-bit game so my first attempt was to screen shot each frame of movement e.g. them walking to the right or to the left. Paste that in to fireworks and crop around the images. Which i managed to get a small amount of graphics out but was a frustrating task to do as it meant throttling down the game to get it to run at 1 fps.

I found so game files along with the game, e.g. map files and what could be graphics but they are a custom file format.

Just wondering if anyone knows a good technique/software to rip to game graphics out of the game?


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