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running SVN hooks on Windows server

Posted 01 August 2011 - 10:28 AM

I'm trying to run Doxygen (or other documentation generators) out of an SVN post-commit hook, to keep auto-generated documentation up to date.

I've written a perl script which does what I need it to do:

- uses svnlook to get latest revision number and path to latest commit
- does an update on a local working copy
- reads a local file in the affected section of the repo to determine whether autogen is configured, and if so, which one - currently only Doxygen and none - and get a target name, for where the documentation should end up
- if it's a Doxygen project, it edits the doxyfile (puts in rev no and target directory) and runs Doxygen

This all works when I run it as me. However, because svn runs its hooks as an unprivileged user, it doesn't when run as a hook.

Since I don't know anything to speak of about the Windows user/security model, I'd appreciate any ideas on how to call this perl script from post-commit.bat so it'll be able to run svnlook, svn update, and Doxygen (which is generating documentation to a mapped drive on another server, if that's important)

Assume that I have or can exercise full admin rights on this machine: what should I try?
Any suggestions much appreciated.

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