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General control over high level and some low level PC/OS functions

Posted 05 August 2011 - 05:10 AM

Hi all!

I'm programming an Evil (DIY) Scientist top secret project, in C (obviously), that can control most of a PCs high level functions and a couple of unexpected low level ones!

High level is really what you anything you can change direct from Windows Control panel, and the like.
'Low level' in my case is a little different, here are some things I want to cover;
  • CPU fan speed
  • CPU temperature
  • Powering the USBs (ie: turning on and of if possible, else just the load
  • Checking how taxed the CPU is
  • Checking RAM
  • Power going to RS-232, Parallel
  • Probally not low-level but worth a mention: controlling a USB printer
  • [insert obscure piece of equipment]
  • And direct control of the speakers...

I think that's all.
I'm eager to learn , but :gun_bandana: Google ain't my friend no more!

Did I mention that this has operate side by side with WinDOS Windows?

'The impossible is possible to anyone who is brave enough to try'
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