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Drag and drop not functioning properly after ajax call.

Posted 08 September 2011 - 06:59 PM

Dear All,
I have page at this link, so if you select the drop down list you see the list of tyres appear and you can drag and drop accordingly. The problem it loose the original functionality as per this page for instance in here when you drag only a copy is being drag and can drop only on the droppable and not other area? What is my mistake below is my snippet of the code which does the reassign of the drag n drop. I guess some slight tweaking will do it right?

		var data = $(this).val();
		//alert("value :"+$vehicleLayoutID);
		//alert("value :"+$('#vehicleLayoutID').val());
		$.post('getTyreLayoutDetails.php', {l: $vehicleLayoutIDArray[0]}, function(data){
			$('.t1 span.droppable').each(function(){

			$('.t1 span img.draggable').each(function(){


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