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front-end/back-end programmers needed for gaming site

Posted 20 September 2011 - 10:33 PM

I am looking for a web programmer to join my team part time. This is only for people around the Cambridge/Boston area. It would be great if you had experience with designing large scale websites. It would be nice to find someone who has both front-end and back-end experience/knowledge.

Solid Knowledge in a server side:

Expert in the following:
-Web Security
-Databases (Oracle, SQL Server) Architecture
Additional Knowledge that would be great:
-Credit card processing, verification, payment
-Transactions management

I'm creating an enterprise scale site, so I am looking to find multiple front-end/back-end programmers. At a very basic level, this is a social/networking site for gamers. If there is interest, I can tell you more about the company and what I wish to accomplish. We can also discuss compensation equity, profit sharing, and/or payment.
This is a start-up with a lot of interest from investors, as well as students from Harvard and MIT. I am looking for someone in their 20s as the oldest person on the team is 28.

For those who are interesting in gaming, I want to add that part of the job will involve going to Comic-Con/ Blizzcon/etc.

Please send me a message along with your resume at the following email: [email protected]

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