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[Discussion] Android Apps That Need To be Made or Improved

Posted 26 September 2011 - 03:23 PM

So lately I have been browsing the Android market and seeing a lot of new and innovated apps showing up and that got me to wondering what kinda of apps are missing from the market? With all these new apps popping up a lot of them were good but not great. A lot of core features were either buggy or completely missing core features so my question is what kind of apps do you guys want to see in the market that are not there yet or what are some apps that you have downloaded and tried that could be improved upon?

For me the app that I have been using that could definitely be improved is the Epic Fail app. Its a overall good app for viewing the funny pictures from failblog (and other sites) but the UI sucks and they need to add a video option to it.

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Re: [Discussion] Android Apps That Need To be Made or Improved

Posted 26 September 2011 - 03:28 PM

One app that I keep seeing is the Calendar. Did you know that if you put in an appointment that falls on either side of daylight's savings time, it will adjust your time? Like, if I had a dentist appt at 3:00 on March 3rd, it would set it to 11:00 or 9:00 "automatically". I, and most others, see it as a bug, not a feature, and that is something that could be improved.
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