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Poll: Do you use image editing services? Feedback Request (2 member(s) have cast votes)

Have you used an image editing service to outsource work?

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Do you use image editing services? Feedback Request

Posted 30 September 2011 - 12:29 AM

I have recently been offered a new job, and am looking for some feedback from graphic designers about a question before I decide to take this job or not. If you can spare a minute and help me that would be great.

First, about me and the job, then my question. I live in Japan, and work in marketing, also translation work. I did university in Japan and have been here for 13 years. The job is with a printing and graphic communications company that wants to expand part of their operation to foreign markets, and wants me to take over this expansion. My wife's uncle is good friends with the company president and knows I'm looking for a new job.

The part of the company that they want to expand is basic photo and image editing service, which they currently do for Japanese clients. Clipping path, masking, retouching, basically the non-creative photoshop stuff that designers and photographers don't want to do on their own and outsource the boring work. I know a little about it from my amateur photography hobby, but only sketchily.

My question is how much demand is there for this type of work in the US and Europe, or other markets, from designers working either in firms or as freelance? This company is doing alright with their Japanese clients: publishing companies, printing companies, doing stuff like clipping big batches of pictures for catalogs or magazine layouts and whatnot. By providing Japanese standards of quality at the low prices you find in the Indian outsourcing places, I think we can do ok, but its hard to find real data about the demand for this service, and I want to get an idea of what I might be getting into.

If anyone on this forum would share opinions with me, it would be appreciated.


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Re: Do you use image editing services? Feedback Request

Posted 05 October 2011 - 05:45 PM

Well, I can't say for sure -- I don't work as a photographer/ designer, but a developer -- however, I personally wouldn't be willing to pay for a service. I like to see my projects through and not simply give my work to others.
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