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New to VB and Mobile Application

Posted 03 October 2011 - 09:03 PM

Hey guys I recently picked up a Visual Basic Book to learn more about this subject I got the book. Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 for windows, web, office, and database applications.

I'm on chapter 5 from a pdf file that came with the book called Mobile Applications and I went through it but now working on one of the exercises its called Amusement Park I have the GUI set up but the code is whats confusing me. So the point of this application is for the app to get the number of tickets the user wants to buy and take the selected discount off of. So the user enters the number of tickets then there are 3 radbuttons to choose from they are AAA 15% discount AARP 17% discount and Military ID 20% discount so when the user enters the amount of tickets and clicks on of the rad buttons they will then press the calculate button where all the code needs to be and it will estimate the total cost. So my question is what all would i need for this program to solve itself? Remember Im not to familiar with VB and still learning and I'm sure this is really easy for someone. I don't really have any code for this yet because I dont know where to start. Please help me understand thanks guys.

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