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Net.Tcp Listener Adapter service not starting

Posted 08 October 2011 - 03:55 PM

While working my way through psychocoder's excellent tutorials on basic TCP/ip chat server:
I got hung up on something that seems like it would be a non-issue.

I'd like to think I'm not an idiot. And I'd like to think if there was some big problem with TCP/IP communication under Win7 for such a simple app like this chat that there would have been an outcry by now.

But when I try to make my little R&D app (using the tutorials/classes) work it can't connect.

Attached Image
A little Googling reveals this can be caused by a couple services not being turned on in Win7 by default (silly microsoft). So I go to turn them on:
First Net.Tcp Port Sharing service as it is a dependancy of the second...
second Net.Tcp Listener Adapter service.

Attached Image
But the second won't go on, so more googling and learn that you have to turn on Windows Process Activation Service

Attached Image

But the listener service still never starts. It remains with a status of Starting but never Started.

I did find this interesting bit


I was experiencing a similar issue on a Win 2008 server. The Net.Tcp Listener Adapter and the Net.Pipe Listener Adapter would hang in the "starting" state. I ultimately found that it was due to the fact that the system had been setup with .NET 2.0 Framework and .NET 4.0 Framework, but not 3.5 which is required for the Windows Process Activation Service Listener Adapter to function properly. We re-imaged the virtual server with a clean OS, installed the .Net Framework packages in order and that resolved the issue.


Yet I have .NET 3.51 installed (Win7 comes with it already in stalled after all) and the Process activation service *is* (appears to be?) starting.

Like I said, I can't imagine that simple basic little TCP commands would fail to work in Win7 without doing a ton of rigamorole. Anyone with a clue about it?

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