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[link] The Best Way to Learn PHP

Posted 17 October 2011 - 11:27 AM


A great collection of nuggets that I think I might write one or two up for a few languages here. If you are looking to start this may be your best bet for a cohesive list to help you through.


If youíre reading this, chances are that youíve googled a lot to decide which language to learn and how. And without a doubt, you must have run into a ton of articles about how language X is so much better than PHP and PHP is going to die through obscurity soon.

Haters gonna hate!

As the popular saying goes, haters gonna hate! PHP has been at the helm of the web as you know it and thatís for a very good reason. Itís a mature language, has excellent documentation and a massive number of learning resources along with a great variety of utilities built around it.

And letís not forget the sheer proliferation of hosts and frameworks PHP has spawned. Like Heroku like hosting? Donít worry, there are a number of excellent options for PHP as well!

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