Chapter 1 : Setting up a new blog

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Chapter 1 : Setting up a new blog

Posted 17 October 2011 - 07:31 PM

So now here we start our journey in the world of blogging . We all know what is a blog but still if some one confuse about blog the n read this article.

What is a Blog ??

Different sites offer you to create a blog and The major blogging hosting platforms are no doubt Blogger and WordPress. Now to judge which one is better I have written a detailed comparison chart in the following post that will be of great help in making a smart decision.

WordPress or Blogger Which One Is The Best?

But I think blogger is better than wordPress as it is of google and i dont know why but I just love it .

How to Create a Blog

Go to Blogger.
Now sign up for a new account.
Here he will ask you to give your site name and site url.
Your url must be like that it shows the contents of your blog. Like my blog is basically on hacking and the url simply shows whats it about.
Now select any simple template provided by blogger and hurrah you have created a blog.


Your blog url is the most important thing.Try to make it as much unique as you can.
After creating blog,just post 5 - 6 posts so that the homepage looks fine.
In the next chapter we will make our blog attractive.
If you have problem in choosing the topic of your blog then search on google but I will recommend that blog topic should be according to your taste as you have to make posts in it and if you are not intrested in it then how you will make the visitors interested in it.
You may also discuss your blog topic here in the comments.

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