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Chapter 2 : How to choose an attractive template for blogger

Posted 17 October 2011 - 07:32 PM

Hello guys , sorry for the late post busy in some personel work.Well in the previous chapter named Setting up a new blog we have learned how to create a new blog but just creating a new blog is not sufficient to get visitor , there are some specific techniques which are very essential for the blogger owner to attract the traffic.The blog should be very attractive so that visitor think that he is on some valueable site. In this chapter we will learn how to change our template and what are the things we should kept in mind while choosing our template . Hope you guys like this chapter so lets start it.

Choosing a Template

First of all search on the web and download some cool template for your blog because the default templates provided by the blogger are very basic and useless. Make your blog as much attractive as you can . Now how to download templates :

Go to google and write blogger templates 2011 and you will get a lot of cool blogger templates.
Be careful in choosing template for your blog and once choosed then stick with it , changing template again and again makes a very bad impact and your regular readers just go away.

What things should be kept in mind ?

Now the question arises that what things should be kept it mind while choosing template. I have changed my template many times because after some days i found some technical mistake in my blog but now I am fully satisfied and will not change my template again . Some keep these things in mind ehilw choosing your template :

The background color of your blog posts must be white . Its a human psychology that he likes bright thing and a bright background compel the visitor to read the post.
There are many templates with two columns or three columns and i have also seen few templates with four columns .But I will prefer two column template . .In two column there is more space for the posts and the reader can easily read the post.
Choose a template with footer because a cool footer increases your blog attraction.Atleast I think so.
This is very important point never ever choose a template having many widgets on its home page . Make your homepage as simple as you can . I have seen many friends blog where on their home page there are lots of bookmarking buttons , tweet bird , floating feedback button etc . Simply avoid them . Again forcing on it try to make your blog as simple as you can.
Template must have a drop down menu tab .

How to change template in blogger ?

Now once you have choosed your template then save it on your deskyop . Its usually a xml file.
Now sign in to your blogger account .
Now go to Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > Browse
Choose saved template from your hard disk and click Upload.
This will give you warning for widgets to be deleted.
Then you can continue with save template.
Your new template is installed , so view your blog and check it.

Last Few Words

So now search on google for an appropriate blogger template while keeping these things in your mind . Moreover if you are unable to find the best template dont worry as in our furthur chapters I will teach you how to add footer etc in your blog if they are not already installed.

I have my own collection of templates around 20-30 blogger templates which i like most so if any one of you want to get those templates then simply post your emails below in the comments and I will email those templates to you guys .
One advantage of using those templates is that I can easily resolve your problems as I know all the html coding of those templates .

Note: If you guys have any problem at any point simply ask in the comments ,I will try my best to solve your problem , and also give your feedback about this chapter .

Credits : http://www.hackwiths...attractive.html

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