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Chapter 3: Make your Blog Post Attractive

Posted 17 October 2011 - 07:34 PM

Hello guys hope you all are fine and enjoying good health. In our previous chapter ,we learned How to set up a new blog and also How to choose an attractive template for blogger. Now we are perfect with our blog's external body ( we will discuss widgets latter ) , now we come towards the posts of the blog . Now you are in a position to start posting on your blog. While posting on your blog keep these things in your mind :
Important Points for Writing Posts

Read all these points carefully and if you got any problem simply ask in comments. I have tried my best to make them simple .
1) Be unique in your postings

Never used a copy material , always try to post your own material.
If you find some article intresting and you want to post it on your blog then before posting edit it .Like you have seen my posts ,I have my own writing style and you can judge it very easily.
Before starting a post use some greetings and make your attitude like you are well known to the reader as you can in this chapter I have written a greeting just check the start of this chapter. It makes the reader to feel the blog is genuine and the material on it is not just copy paste. Hope you guys getting my point.

2) Style of Post Body

Make the style of your post unique like there is just one font and color for your blog headings .All your headings must be of same style,font and color.As you can see in this blog I am using sky blue color for all my headings with upper and lower dotted lines.Customize your Heading Style in Blogger and Wordpress.
Similarly ,if you want to post any link in your post then choose a color for it too, like if you see in this blog I am using the same color for my links.
These two things bring a regularity in your post and attracts the visitor most.
Make the bullets unique as you can see all my bullets are two arrows,it increases the attractiveness of your post and again the colour of bullets must be the same as your heeding color or link color. Customize Bullet List Style In Blogger With Image Hover
If you want to add some html coding in your posts then again give it a style.Will post about it if anyone asks about it as its not so difficult .

Thats all for this section ,having any problem you can ask in the comments.
3) Bookmarking Icons in the Post

Must add bookmarking buttons on your posts as it helps in promotion of your post. but on the same side dont add huge number of icons it makes everything messy.
Just add them on the top and at the bottom of your posts and try to give them an attractive style like hover up etc.
Must add a subscription option at the end of post as it increases the visitor. More the members subscribe to your blog more will be the visitors.

Thanks guys for reading this. I tried my best to make it as simple as i can and still if you guys having any problem then ask in the comments and also +1 this post to return me some favor for my efforts :))

Credits : http://www.hackwiths...-blog-post.html

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