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Partnership needed for promissing web Project

Posted 03 November 2011 - 12:37 PM

Hey folks,

Musictopus need a PHP developer with a lot of free time and dedication to be a part of a great, great project, never done before on international level.

If you know how to make your way through PHP and have will to work as a team with highly capable marketing professionals, please read the message above.

We have started a project that will be really useful for a lot of users around the world, but to put it into practice we currently need a PHP developer with enough free time to dedicate for this project as his priority.
Details won't be revealed at Facebook but in advance, we can say that we prefer someone who have some experience in home studios business of any kind, even some knoweledge of home recording and sound editing programs will be strongly valued though it's not an eliminatory factor.
It's a project of international level that we strongly believe it's never been done and will require a lot of work and dedication from all the people involved.

What we offer:
In the future, the project will turn out to be a really strong and concrete portfolio for all the people involved in both the design and development of the project. Like I said before, it will be known internationally and translated to at least 4 languages other than english.
At the start, Portuguese (BR and PT) and English will be the two main website languages.

Initially, no remuneration is offered, but only initially, and there will be no need for investing by the one who's chosen to be part of the project. Anyone who chose to be part of this project wont need to put any money on it. We only need work and dedication.

If you are interested, please be in touch as soon as possible, only one person will be chosen.

Personal ideas will be valued as well, the developer who chooses to be with us will be an active part of the project.

You can contact us at [email protected] in either English or Portuguese.
Candidates confidentiallity will be respected. No candidates information will be given or sold.
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