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Samsung Developers officially launches Samsung Theme Designer 2.0.0

Posted 04 November 2011 - 01:07 AM

On November 3, 2011, Samsung Developers launches the new version of Samsung Theme Designer which supports bada 2.0.

Samsung Theme Designer 2.0.0 is an authoring tool for designers and developers to create theme content for bada OS phones such as Wave 3 and Wave M. With its release, designers and developers will have the opportunity to create their own bada 2.0 themes and distribute them to millions of Samsung Mobile users across the globe via Samsung Apps.

Samsung Theme Designer's intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables even novices to create their own themes with just a few clicks. With a simple creative idea, you can create your own themes without experience in application design or development. Especially, for flash developers, Samsung Theme Designer 2.0.0 offers the most effective way of building on their existing skill set to create flash-enabled themes.

Whatís new in the latest release?

Flash Support
bada 2.0 supports themes that can contain .SWF content for the Idle screen or Lock screen.
The Idle screen content is displayed like a wallpaper on an idle screen or the main menu, whereas a Lock screen is displayed when a device is locked.

bada Flash Extension Services
The bada Flash extension provides services for some device specific operations. The bada Flash extension can control the device vibrator, power management, music player, and so on. You can use the bada Flash extension to create rich media content.

We are excited to be able to launch Samsung Theme Designer 2.0.0 to the Samsung Developers community and whether you are a developer looking to target mobile devices, or a designer keen to explore state of the art themes, we are sure you will find our tool useful. Now itís time for you to compose and express your style with Samsung Theme Designer!

For further information please visit the Samsung Developers (http://developer.samsung.com)

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