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DateTimePicker control validation issue

Posted 28 November 2011 - 12:42 PM


I was hoping you could help?

I am currently using DateTimePicker ui control to allow the user to pick a date and populate a label control with the date.

I also allow the user to paste a date into the control.

What i am trying to do is prevent the user from entering garbage data like "14/02/YYYY". As you can see thats not a valid date since YYYY is not a valid year.

I would like to prevent the user from entering a date like this. One way i can think of is use CustomValidation. How would i go about capturing the invalid data?

Currently I have a public property which i bind the control to called CreationDate

public DateTime CreationDate

In the Xaml i am using a Dataform which is within a Grid
<df:DataField label = "CreationDateLabel">
<Controls:DatePicker SelectedDate={Binding CustomerRecord.CreationDate, Mode=TwoWay}/>

Thanks in advance,

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