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Question on tracking cookie with in iphone app development.

Posted 30 November 2011 - 03:52 PM


I'm only posting this in this forum because the tracking cookie question I have would be something used with in a iphone app, that I have a goal of making one day. (Still learning obj c at this present time).

If this needs to be moved please do so.

I'm wondering how far a tracking cookie can be followed in regards to a customer actually making a purchase on a redirect?

For example lets say I have a app that compares prices of a product and once the user decides what product they want from either of the companies they have selected they would be redirected to that site for purchasing. How does this tracking cookie work and does it allow the dev to be able to determine that a sale was made?

The point of this would be to get my revenue from the sale that user completed with which ever company he selected.

Might be getting ahead of myself here but how would the developer be able to provide that information to the affilated business as evidence my app was used to create that point of sale?

Thank you

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