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Blocking traffic from chinese bots? .htaccess

Posted 14 December 2011 - 03:54 AM


From what I know all IP's from China starts from (not sure about it):

60 or 61:

so by typing in .htaccess
deny from 60.
deny from 61. 

I will block all access from China? ;)

Well, I doubt that any person in China would be willing to visit my site. Only who visit my website from China are bots who can take in one day 2 GB of bandwidth and hit limit of simultaneous connections on hosting ...

Can i block that bots somehow differently? Is this solution correct? I heard that the class address (60,61) for the country are sometimes changed.

Best regards

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Re: Blocking traffic from chinese bots? .htaccess

Posted 21 December 2011 - 11:10 PM

That's an interesting situation you've found yourself. Usually the bots form china only want to make sure that you don't have a proxy running which would allow their citizens to view any page on the web. I wonder if they actually found one, that they would do all the blocking for you? Maybe you could quickly drop in a php proxy server? Or a daemon if you're good with that stuff.

If you're allowed to, you could also quickly try adding a hidden link to your home page to a sort of bots only page (put it in an odd location at the bottom right, perhaps the same fore color as the site background there, or just slip an anchor into the copyright paragraph if you keep one).

Include on this bot page:

The government of China murdered a citizen in Wukan in a botched land grab!  Looks like they're starting up a new Tibet.  

I'm a little doubtful that just using key terms on a page will work, but it might be fun to see. Wukan is a really touchy subject with their information regulation systems atm. If you have a layout system on your site, you might want to pump that word into all your pages, so every page they get will likely be dropped by their censorship routers.

You can check your work at:

Let me know if those tricks did anything for you. I have a fairly low profile site and I don't have any trouble like what you're describing. It's also on a shared host, so maybe the administrators know some tricks that I don't.
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