i had few problems and i didnt found nada

i did long research and found 2 realy good helper sites

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i had few problems and i didnt found nada

Posted 07 April 2007 - 02:34 PM

if you want to develope your own content management system
first you need to take care of your text editor,most time without those 2 sites you will spend on ask in forums.
this topic will give you the answers.

this site will give you lots os text\html editors open source,not all of them are in asp.net there are some PHP and JS..


this site will take care of the dll files you got in side the bin files
or almost each dll file you want to check inside(zoom in to class and function) in few languages(c#,VB,C,C++,java..).


take care and good luck in it


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