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Need of serious help configuring SQL Server for localhost?

Posted 16 January 2012 - 10:12 PM

I am 100% new with the installation of SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard but i need to install it for our asp.net class (yes, like everything else i will have to teach myself something new :)

My question is, for the install process..
-server configuration
-service accounts

there is the following
SQL Server Agent
SQL Server Database Engine
SQL Server Analysis Services
SQL Server Reporting Services
SQL Full-text filter Daemon Launcher
SQL Server Browser

They all come with account name and passwords along with status, my question to you is, is there a specific account name that i need to choose. I am only running this to use management studio and build some DBs in asp.net. As well as localhost only, i have no servers. I ask because i dont want to install and not be able to use any of this. Is there anything suggested for a username or could it be my choice?


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Re: Need of serious help configuring SQL Server for localhost?

Posted 19 January 2012 - 11:38 AM

Moved to MSSQL forum.
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Re: Need of serious help configuring SQL Server for localhost?

Posted 23 January 2012 - 03:23 PM

There are two concepts of users in MSSQL Server:
1. the users that start the services
2. the users that access the server

The first category contains that user(those users) that has the privileges to start the services(SqlServer service, SqlBrowser service are the most important - first is the database engine, the second one is needed to access the server through SqlServerManagementStudio or thgough a provider-ADO, ODBC etc). Default user is LocalSystem and it is no need to change it(also, if you want to change to user under which the server starts, always do it through SqlServer Configuration Manager, and NOT from Services.msc).
Second category contains those users that can connect to a server and to server's databases. These users are :
1. Windows accounts(or windows authentification) - at install time, you will be prompted to enter an administrator for your server and you can choose to load the user account you are logged on Windows. In a larger environment(as a domain), windows authentification(or integrated security authentification) is usefull because you don't have to define Sql accounts, you just load users from Active Directory.
Note that this is a safer way to connect to a SQLServer than a SQL account.
2. SQL accounts (SQL authentification) - the default user is sa(super administrator). You can enable this feature at install time by choosing Mixed authentification(i don't remember the window, but it is there). By choosing Mixed authentification, you will have to specify a password for sa. At this moment, you can connect through your local account and through sa to your SQL Server.

What I recommand:
1. Choose localSystem for all your services.
2. I don't know if you need AnslysisServices and ReportingServices(are mainly used for BI)
3. Choose mixed authentification(so you can have a backup account/administrator to log on)
4. Try to use integerated security in your asp application.

I don't know if i answered your questions. If it is something hazy, ask again.
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