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I cannot stand VBA (This is just me complaining)

Posted 30 January 2012 - 06:58 PM

I took this dang project to program something in Excel, which is great (the bit where I got a project, for money). The guy doesn't want this he needs that blah blah same as every other client. It's something that was supposed to be nice and easy, nice and quick. But we need to add that, and can we do this. Sure. NP. Except, with every additional minute I spend in the MS Excel VBA IDE (I'm getting sick of the BS with the letters too, good grief I'm cranky) my blood pressure is going up, my hair is turning whiter, and I'm ready to return the f'ing deposit to the client. Writing code in notepad would be less frustrating. At least Notepad doesn't make any promises or create any illusions.
For what Microsoft has raked in from selling Office, do you think they could have diverted some $ to upgrading the IDE? Or did I just get the candid-camera version of Office 2007 that has the exact f'ing VBA IDE as Office 2003 ?
This is ridiculous.
It's not bad enough I devoted quite a bit of time expunging VBA from my memory whilest I learned VB.Net, and a little of this and a little of that, but to go back to VBA, writing code in a half a language in an IDE that makes one want to take a bloody sledgehammer to one's desktop is killing me. No wonder office programming pays half-way decent. It is so f'ing tedious I don't think there is anything I wouldn't pay to never see a line of VBA code again as long as I live.

Sorry everyone. I don't know if this sort of pissing and moaning belongs here, or anywhere on DIC for that matter, but I feel a little better. Now I need to go back to my project with the pay rate that is working out to about $1 per hour ...

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