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2 models being selected at the same time but no where near each other

Posted 06 April 2012 - 05:37 AM

I'm on the final stages of my program and have got a bug, only my second for the whole program so I'm pretty pleased with that.

My program is a 3D File Management program, I have 3 rooms, one for music, one for documents and one for pictures. In these rooms the folders and files are displayed, you can open the folders, move, rename, delete and get properties on the folders. You can do the same for the files, this is where the bug is.

For the music room and documents room all is fine, but go into the picture room and click on a file to view it, you get a music file open and the picture open at the same time.

I did think that it may be that I position all the files but only display a section of them so giving the ability to scroll the files, and what is happening at the same point the picture file is being displayed a music file is positioned there as well, hence both getting selected. But this doesn't happen in the documents room. All the rooms are next to each other, so the lines of the files line up.

Here is the code for the model manager which handles the drawing, positioning and updating of the models. Its 1100 lines of code so I have put it in pastebin.


I have used the debugger and breakpoints, first i put a break point on the code that selects the picture file, and was triggered after the music started and then i put the breakpoint on the music file section and this triggers first.

Please help I'm a bit confused on this, and its probably something really simple!

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