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Hire a PHP Developer from India for Faster PHP Development

Posted 01 May 2012 - 03:06 AM

PHP with its rapid updates and security changes has emerged to be one of the most powerful scripting languages. In any development scenario, time is of utmost importance as the productivity of any tool or technology in either resolving issues or adding a new feature is measured against time. The PHP development community is dynamic as members constantly innovate and research to find out ways of adding new features or discovering mechanics of leveraging the platform better. There are five important ways by which a PHP developer can speed up the PHP development. The first step is to replace the older editing tools like Notepad or WordPad with EditPlus2 or PHPEdit. These new tools enable colour highlighting and easier search and location functions. The second step is to use a basic yet relevant framework for eliminating wastage of time.

The third step is to re-cycle and re-use existing PHP scripts for custom web development services thereby offering the flexibility to customize as per project requirement. The fourth important step is to retain the simplicity of the code. This enables the PHP developer to easily find the glitches and locate them. The final step entails the process of documentation of the code to enable easy trouble shooting.

PHP development is a very niche domain and therefore it calls for the enterprises to either hire PHP developers or outsource PHP development to India. There are certain ways in which the developers from India score a brownie point over the rest. The developers from India follow few important tips for creating top class web solutions for their clients. Some of the tips to become a better PHP developer are:

Use PHP core functions and classes
Create master configuration file
Sanitize data before entering them in the database
Turn on error reporting while in developing phase
Add only relevant comments to the code
Maintain code snippets for recycling
Use efficient source editors
Use administering tool for working on MySQL to speed up the database
Use decent PHP framework
Maintain strong connection with the developer community

Hire PHP Developer India | Hire PHP Programmer India.

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