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IT Degree

Posted 12 May 2012 - 07:16 PM

I'm wondering what university teach about IT?

In my country, we have "diplomas" which is a 3 year course.
Personally I took a diploma in info-communications, an engineering IT cert. I learnt java , oop, c#.net , jsp/servlet(forget most of it now), database management (Normalization etc) and some engineering subjects like wireless communications which is also not my true interest and lastly networking.

With this diploma, with a high Grade Point Average, we can apply to university course (not 100% success rate depending on how high is the GPA).

So with a diploma, one can find a job as web developer, software developer etc...however it will be difficult to be in a management level big or small company. Only university (My guess is 90+% of the time) can be a manager like:

project manager
Software engineer (notice the engineer instead of developer)
technology analysts (No idea what this is)
Operations Analyst (note the analyst word)
IT consultant

Of course the starting pay of a degree holder is also typically 1k above those with a diploma.
I've seen some of the university courses and they looked like what I've learnt while getting a diploma so from your experience (for degree holders) what is the different between a degree and the cert you had before getting a degree.

Diploma(need a high enough GPA to qualify, specialized course like IT, business, design) -> degree
A-level (Where you study the usual maths,science, history) - > degree

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Re: IT Degree

Posted 13 May 2012 - 09:46 AM

At my university, the degree is called Management Information Systems (MIS). Some universities called it Computer Information Systems (CIS). Basically, you 75% of your courses are management courses. About 10% is programming courses, I don't know what languages they teach because I was a Computer Science student before I switched to MIS so I got to skip the programming classes. The other 15% of your classes depends on what you chose as your concentration. The 3 concentrations that we have Systems Analyst, Information Assurance, and Supply Chain Information Systems. You can pretty much just assume from the names what kind of classes you have to take.
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