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Keyframing in Vegas Pro 11

Posted 18 May 2012 - 01:58 AM


I recently updated from Vegas pro 10 to Vegas pro 11. Then I noticed that something with Pan/Crop keyframing changed, and to explain you what I will first tell how it was in the good old 10 version:

You just go to pan/crop, move to another keyframe, and it automatically moves it to the exact point at the preview, and you can just manually put it where ever you want.

In Vegas Pro 11:

You go to pan/crop, move to another keyframe and the preview stays on the exact same spot where you left it. If I leave it at the beginning it stays there. I can move objects at keyframes but the only way to preview it is count how many keyframes did I go forward, and than manually go through that many at Timeline so I can get a preview of it.

By the way, I am NOT looking for how to keyframe or animate a text because every online tutorial is talking about that. So I am looking for how to keyframe and animate an image or video. I know that there is a way to do it with like going to another keyframe and then setting it to something video even looking and it will reach that point as you go through the preview, but that is not the way to do it, because you can't precisely set where you want your object to be at some keyframe.

I guess you have an answer to this.

Thanks in advace,


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